APWU: Modernization Creating Delayed Mail, Poor Retail Service, and Demise of Postal Service in Our Local Communities

From: Lamont Brooks <lbrooks@apwu.org>
Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Please disseminate to the field.

This is total BS and we should be contacting our congressional leaders.


You can’t help but save money if you don’t schedule the proper staffing,

This is the DeJoy announced holiday plan. Supposedly the new technology and restructure would require 10,000 less hires for the holiday season.

We have delayed express mail, delayed business reply mail, canceled passport appointment due to lack of staffing, closing retail windows due to a lack of staffing, planned understaffing for the holiday season, etc, Now we have delayed letter, flats, and parcels.

This is happening throughout the country,

It is no lack of staffing when you refused to schedule the clerks or you use bogus staffing tools/models.

Why are clerks being excessed. Share these issues with your Regional Coordinators. Use MDAT to identify duty assignments Contact your respective clerk NBAs.

All this has been brought to the attention of USPS HQ leadership, They don’t respect the Union or the employees we represent at no level. Hostile work environment and no concern for safety. Enough is enough!

No more fancy talk. Rise up!

What more must we see to take action?

Please document the delayed mail as usually the Postal Service will start hiding the mail in trailers or driving it from location to location.

General Expeditors should be paying careful attention to what is happening with the mail.

I will not stand by and do nothing. Let us rally together. fight and bulldoze others that stand in the way, with no exceptions,

Please share any delaying of mail or services to the public to your congressional leaders, news service, media, etc.

Excessing clerks due to a supposed lack of work is bullshit and any APWU officer not fighting back should be held accountable and I am not talking about lip service fighting back.

This is why we have elections.

I choose to fight! I don’t want to hear lip service anymore.

No doubt once this e-mail is circulated someone will attempt to mislead you and put a band aid on it, in an effort to calm everyone, but that want fix the problem.

We MUST hold everyone accountable, no exceptions.

I will continue to share and please feel free to share with me. I will disseminate it to the field.

Thank God for freedom of speech. I will not be silenced and I speak on behalf of the entire Clerk Division.

Lamont Brooks

Clerk Division

APWU Clerk Director Brooks – Email Chain

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