APWU: Lead Clerk and TACS Settlements are Final and Binding – Compliance is Mandatory

From: Lamont Brooks <lbrooks@apwu.org>
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Subject: Lead Clerk and TACS and Directive to the Field that Settlements are Final and Binding with Mandatory Compliance


Please refer to the July 16, 2021 signoff from the USPS Vice Presidents (first attachment).

I commend the USPS Vice Presidents for taking this important step in developing a better union/management relationship. The Postal Service has established two separate contract compliance documents (one for retail and delivery and one for mail processing (attachment 2 and attachment 3).

Please disseminate to the field and retain a copy for future reference. The Union’s distribution of the first three documents is NOT an acknowledgement that we are in agreement with all of the content. It is the Union’s position that TACS duties is clerk bargaining unit work, and if performed by EAS, it is an Article 1.6 violation.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division


Excerpts from Lead Clerk and TACS Step Four Settlement between Lamont Brooks and Rickey Dean dated 09/05/2018

The issue in case #Q15C-4Q-C 18000314 is whether employees occupying Lead Clerk duty assignments and who perform timekeeping duties must be given access to the Enterprise Resource Management System (eRMS).

The issues in case #Q15C-4Q-C 18273555 are 1) whether the February 4, 2016, Step 4 settlement agreement regarding Q10C-4Q-C 15194931/HQTC20150814, requires that Lead Clerks who are not assigned timekeeping duties be provided the same Time and Attendance Collection (TACS) training as those Lead Clerks who perform such duties; and 2) whether all non-supervisory/non managerial TACS duties have been assigned to the Clerk Craft.

After further review and discussion, it is mutually agreed to resolve the disputes in accordance with the following understanding of the parties:

1. ERMS is identified as a Management tool, accessible to management, used to monitor and manage employee attendance. In accordance with the Clerical Work MOU, the Clerk Craft Jobs MOU and the 01 OC-4Q-C 15194931/ HQTC20150814 national settlement dated February 4, 2016, employees assigned the Lead Clerk Clock Office Role in TACS are not prohibited from entering supervisor approved leave into TACS. The Lead Clerk Clock Office Role was created in TACS in accordance with the 2010 Agreement which established the Lead Clerk positions and returned this type of administrative/technical work to the bargaining unit.


Excerpt taken from the Q15C-4Q-C 18000314 APWU national dispute:

The second part of the dispute is that all the nonsupervisory/nonmanagerial TACS duties have not been assigned to the Clerk bargaining unit employees in accordance with the Clerical Work MOU, Clerk Craft Jobs Audit MOU, Article 1.5, etc.

TACS duties is clerk bargaining unit work, PERIOD.

In union solidarity, the struggle continues.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division

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