USPS to Implement New eAccess Suspension Triggers Based on Certain TACS Codes

On Thursday, June 11, 2020, 4:44 PM, Lynn Pallas-Barber <> wrote:

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find attached a notification from the USPS concerning the eAccess of employees. eAccess is the system which controls employee user access to USPS computers. When an employee is suspended or after a 14 day continuous period in the particular listed status an employee’s eAccess will be deactivated. The identified triggers go into effect tomorrow June 12. Not all bargaining-unit employees have or need eAccess. Jimmie Waldon and I meet with the Postal Service this afternoon and we are still in discussions. The purpose for these suspensions and the use of LWOP is a corporate security issue. Allegedly there are some tentative AS-805 changes that are being intertwined with this notification.

This does not affect an employee’s access through LiteBlue to eJob bidding or eReassign.

Some of the unanswered concerns address the general use/misuse of AWOL by management. The “reason codes” were not verified. In addition they could not define “what other leave” was. As we are updated on this issue – we will share with the field. Any questions or concerns – feel free to contact me or Jimmie Waldon.

Please share with your state and local leaders.

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