RI-399 Update: “National APWU leadership screwed us over in this deal”

Oh Goody, the National APWU just informed us that the Mail Handlers (much smaller Union than the APWU) has received the same amount ($14.5 million) for selling out (I mean settling) the RI-399 cases. The APWU plans on splitting up the money to approximately 85,000 Clerk Craft employees. Before you get all excited, that’s approximately $160.00 per person. Each Mail Handler is sure to collect more per person for this terrible deal. I say once again, our National APWU leadership screwed us over in this deal. I will never forget how our members were SOLD OUT! If it takes running for a National APWU Office to stop this insanity then its time we start thinking about it! #NoAPWUSellOut

Sam Wood
President – Southwest Florida Area Local / APWU

Source: Southwest Florida Area Local – Facebook Group

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One thought on “RI-399 Update: “National APWU leadership screwed us over in this deal”

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Oakland
    Office held, if any
    Legislative Director Retired
    There are people unhappy about a settlement that shares equally between the two unions and spreads the award to more employees in the clerk craft? Why would the national officers be attacked for this? Besides, it’s management doing the violations as we fight each other. One union is the answer, I believe.

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