APWU: Telework MOU for CCCs, CRTs, and MSSC Clerks Temporarily Extended

June 26, 2023
On June 23, 2023, the parties agreed to temporarily extend the two MOUs that currently allow clerks assigned to Enterprise Customer Care Centers (ECCCs), Customer Retention Teams (CRTs), and Mailing Solutions Service Center (MSSC) to participate in the Telework Program Pilot. The original MOU was scheduled to expire on June 24, 2023. The agreement will extend this MOU through July 28, 2023. The temporary extension will allow the parties to conduct additional discussions concerning any potential agreement to further extend the MOU.

Copies of the two June 23, 2023 MOUs are linked below.

Re: Telework Program for Mailing Requirement Clerks at the Mailing Solutions Service Center Pilot Extension

Re: Telework Program for Customer Care Center and Customer Retention Team Clerk Craft Employee Pilot – Extension

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Source: APWU

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