APWU: Clerk Division Memorandums of Understanding Extended for MRCs, BMTs, and EAS

January 18, 2024
On Jan. 17, 2024, the Clerk Division and the Postal Service agreed to temporarily extend previous Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) regarding the jobs audit of Mailing Requirements Clerks (MRCs), Bulk Mail Technicians (BMTs) and specific Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) management positions. The previous MOU had expired on Nov. 4, 2023 but the parties continued to discuss the progress made by the joint committees (one for MRCs and one for BMTs) that were created by the MOU. The parties ultimately decided to continue the committees’ work through March 1, 2024.

There are two primary goals of the joint committees:

  1. to determine which duties that are currently being performed by EAS employees who supervisor MRCs and/or BMTs that are considered bargaining unit work and therefore should be assigned to either BMTs or MRCs, and;
  2. to examine the Postal Service’s proposed new training course for BMTs and MRCs and determine if changes need to be made before future bidders for these jobs begin the new training.

The committees will be meeting as soon as possible to attempt to reach resolutions to these two important issues before the March 1 deadline. The Jan. 17, 2024 extension is linked to this article.

Source: APWU

Jan. 17, 2024 extension MOU

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