2 thoughts on “USPS settles Philadelphia APWU “Act of God” grievances

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Charlotte Area Local, 375

    Wow! The settlement appears to be for the blanket application of AWOL not administrative leave. As to if the settlement is sad or not, would only be known if someone had the entire grievance packet in front of them, which appears to include a number of grievances since it is 8 pages long when listing the grievance numbers. When someone is wrong go ahead and call them out, but if all the facts are not known why the attack?

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Columbus, NE Local 313

    This settlement sucks, no administrative leave approved…use your own leave? Dates rescinded? The discipline itself should have been thrown out since those dates are rescinded. SAD in Philadelphia.

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