GAO Report: Expanding Nonpostal Products and Services at Retail Facilities 

Expanding Nonpostal Products and Services at Retail Facilities Could Result in Benefits, but May Have Limited Viability

Published: Mar 10, 2020
The U.S. Postal Service has over 31,000 retail facilities—a network reaching into almost every community in the nation. As demand for some mail products has declined, USPS has been unable to cover its costs as it is required to do—putting it on our High Risk list.

A task force and others have suggested allowing USPS to offer additional services at its facilities, such as hunting licenses, to generate revenue and other benefits.

We asked postmasters and industry and consumer representatives about potential services. They said that some—like banking—could expand consumer access. But adding services may require additional expertise or resources.

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Source: U.S. GAO

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