Postal Bulletin: Customer Service Includes Removing All Mail Tags from MTE

Make sure you remove all tags and labels when emptying mail from MTE.

Fiscal Year 2020 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the Postal Service™ due to anticipated high mail volumes that will include Election Mail, Political Mail, and Census mail. The Postal Service would like to remind employees that highly visible tags and labels are attached to trays, sacks, and containers to assist with the identification of key mail; however, these highly visible tags and labels must be removed from all Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) once the containers have been emptied.

The Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers do not remove tags or labels from MTE, and our customers continue to report receiving MTE with tray labels and mail tags still attached.

The small act of removing the tags and labels makes a lasting impression on our mailers when they receive clean, ready-to-use MTE for their organization’s mail. Failing to remove these tags and labels inconveniences our customers and could lead to loss of brand loyalty or trust.

Please do your part for the Postal Service, and let customers know that we are concerned about providing quality MTE for their use. Make sure you remove all tags and labels when emptying mail from MTE.

— Mail Transport Equipment,
Network Operations, 3-12-20

Source: USPS

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