APWU: Most Recent Info on S&DCs, RPDCs, and PO-408s

From: Charlie Cash <CCash@apwu.org>
Sent: Thursday, November 2, 2023
Subject: Most Recent Info on S&DCs, RPDCs, and PO-408s

Union Family,

Some of this information has already been sent out. The attached documents for the S&DCs and RPDCs are the most recent we have for these types of facilities. Management cancelled their most recently scheduled meeting for us. Couple of things to note on these:

  • Starting on Slide 4 of the S&DC document there is a list of 290+ facilities that are under consideration for any or a combination of the following
    • Potential Repair and Alteration (R&A) work
    • Potential Electric Vehicle (EV) Sites
    • Potential Transfer Hubs
    • Potential S&DCs
    • Slide 5 discusses this in a bit more detail and says final decisions have not been made yet.
    • One of the columns is building amperage. This refers to the electrical current load the building can currently handle. To be a S&DC or have EVs the load must be at least 1200 amps. If one facility is listed as TBD or lower than 1200 it does not mean it won’t be upgraded/changed to reach at least 1200 amps.
  • Starting on slide 18 it talks about Optimized Collections
    • This is currently an alleged pilot program on them changing how mail is collected and delivered at offices
    • The offices being tested will be either more than 25 miles or more than 50 miles from the pilot sites (they did not give a clear answer on what distance applies to what pilot site)
    • This could lead to only one time per day that mail is picked up and dropped off at a facility.
    • The Postal Service says that yes, this could lead to mail not being picked up on the calendar day it is received at the Post Office but all mail will still meet the “delivery standard”. No matter how you put it, in my opinion looks like “Optimized Collection” will delay mail in our rural areas.
    • There is screen shot of a stand-up talk and customer communication that apparently went out in July—this was the first time the APWU saw it.

USPS-Union SDC Updates – 10-19-23

Our last meeting had no real explanation of “Optimized Collection” or when final decisions will be made on the 290+ facilities listed for possible changes. When we have more it will be shared.

On the RPDC update, the date of 11-12-2023 was a typo according to the Postal Service and was provided to us in our last meeting. Not a lot changed—if anything—in that slide show from the previous one sent out. However—I did receive the following verbiage below when management cancelled our meeting:

With Peak Season prep in full swing and the kickoff of package processing on the new equipment in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago and North Houston there are few additional plant updates to provide.

As information we launch the MaRS operation in Atlanta and this includes the network leaving from the RPDC.

For Charlotte we are also launching the network out of the RPDC on Monday, Nov. 6 and if our MHAs are available for orientation and remain with us, we plan to move the originating machinable packages from Mid-C to the RPDC. We will also continue testing two more HOPS that week as well.

No other key RPDC issues in the other projects to share currently.

USPS-Union RPDC Updates – 11-12-23

The other attachments are emails I had sent out on PO-408 items (AMPs) and just resending to make sure it has gotten out.

Feel free to share with the field.

Charlie Cash
Industrial Relations Director
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

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