USPS OIG: Complaints Hotline Can Assist You With 

Our Hotline was launched in August 1997, shortly after our agency was established, to provide a vital communications link between the OIG and Postal Service stakeholders. The Hotline allows us to receive complaints from employees, customers, and the public.

Complaints include alleged fraud; waste of funds or resources; mail theft and other postal crimes committed by postal employees or contractors. They also encompass misconduct; violations of laws, rules, or regulations; and danger to public health and safety, relating to Postal Service programs and policies, employees, and contractors.

In fiscal year 2019, our Hotline was contacted 81,344 times. All complaints are reviewed by our hotline analysts. Sometimes, however, the complaint is outside our jurisdiction. This week’s infographic illustrates our Hotline process and the type of issues Hotline can assist you with.

Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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