I discovered my clock rings were changed

My PM DISABLED my computer access because I was getting my TACS times by going through the Staffing and Scheduling Tool (SST) off of the Blue Page-My Work-Essential Links-SST. I did not have to ask for access through eaccess or even sign in with my ACE ID & password. Was this proper protocol and did I violate any rules?

I am managing a RMPO. Since I dont have computer access I am told only to scan the barcodes, do deposits (fold I dont need to do 1412 for a deposit), & sell stamps, postage, box rent, & retail. All reports (AM/PM, reflash, webbats, 1412, etc.) are performed in the APO throughout the day. Is this legal and allowable?

FYI- I was getting my times due to my hours were changed while on paper cards. When I got in the TACS system, it was difficult to record my hours. I discovered I could see them this way and I printed the hours out every morning. The PM and 204B was in the RMPO checking stamp stock and the PM discovered the papers. She took the envelope out of the office and I don’t know where they are now. She never said a word to me. Yes, on 3 occasions my clock rings were changed to avoid paying Penalty OT. I had already reported this to my District Union Rep. He requested my clock rings and that was two to three months ago. He’s a great man but a lousy rep…SO, what do I do? I did nothing I think to deserve this. Tell me if I am wrong or right. Please tell me where to find the language on this. Thank you.

First Name: Anita
Last Name: Nugent
Email: anugent0915@yahoo.com
Union/Local: APWU – Dallas Area Local
Office held if any: PTF

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    APWU - Dallas Area Local
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    I am sent to the 6 hr RMPO because the NTFT is at the APO playing 204B or Higher Level…whichever they want to call it that day. The supervisor is absent because she is off playing supervisor in another larger PO in a neighboring town. This has been going on for months. The APO is a train wreck…there are so many rules that are broken…I’ve talked to my union rep…he even paid a visit…but, nothing really changed. We don’t have a steward for clerks in the office. I have tried to call another office. My union rep is currently out for medical reasons for an unknown period of time.

    The problems with my PM is an on going thing. She is one evil person. She didn’t like me from day one. She wanted a friend of hers to get my position two years ago when I was award the job and has tried to run me off since. It’s now to the point I hate me job…I dread walking in every morning…I do work there also. Her disabling my computer access when I feel like I did nothing wrong has just about made her wish come true. But, I’m hard headed and refuse to let her win.

    Thanks for commenting. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU NC Council
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    First of all, you are not managing an rmpo. Rmpo means remotely managed post office. The apo is responsible for all higher level functions, although in most the clerks are expected to do all the management work, hence many are grieving for higher level pay.

    Secondly, a ptf should not be working in an rmpo on a regular basis, only during short term absence of the pmr (2 hr rmpo), pse (4 hr rmpo), or ntft (6 he rmpo).

    Why would it ever be necessary for someone in an rmpo to get penalty overtime? The maximum allowable time in the 6 hr office would be 40 hours for office open hours and any possible cleaning time. So I assume you must be working in the apo, then going to the rmpo in order to get overtime.

    The important question is: if the rmpo position is vacant, why isn’t the position being filled with the appropriate employee? If it is a 6 hour rmpo, why haven’t you been promoted to ntft in the rmpo if you are the ptf with the most seniority in the cluster?

    There would seem to be so many violations here, but you should be paid what you worked, including travel time if you are traveling from the apo to the rmpo with no break in service. You need to contact your steward pronto.


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