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    The rapidly rising healthcare premiums will eventually force all of us into Medicare. Faced with the choice of $500-$600 per month FEHB premiums for retirees I think the $135 per month for Medicare wins out. Republicans are winning the war on affordable healthcare. OBamacare was the answer that needed some tweaking. Medicare will eventually implode which is the goal of the GOP. I’m hoping my Union Disters and Brothers will never be fooled by the Republicans again. Wishful thinking….

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    Brother Moyer has an excellent memory. I happen to be the author of the resolution to NOT put the FEHBP on the table in contract negotiations. President Burrus gave up the mike and debated on the convention floor, as did I. It was a close vote, but I believe my resolution passed by over a hundred votes, though I could be wrong. President Burrus met with me privately prior to the resolution coming to the floor. I explained my reasons to include I did not believe my members elected me to end FEHBP and my own Mother, on a postal survivor pension, did not want her health benefits messed with.

    Both Biller and Burrus had offered over the years to appoint me to vacancies that came up for National Resident officer positions and to be on the “TEAM” for future re-election. I preferred being a full time local president, answering to no one but my members, a Labor Council President, an Area Labor Federation President speaking for over 200 local Unions and 100,000 union members in eleven counties from the Canadian border to the PA border, and on the State Fed Board representing 2.5 million in New York. I think the APWU is blessed to have had both Biller and Burrus and I admired both. Biller valued my opinion, even when he might disagree, because he felt it was sincere as I never wanted anything from National for myself. Burrus however, when I disagreed with him on the merits of an issue, tended to take it very personal as national officers found out in the next election.

    Like I disagree on the merits of putting FEHBP on the table with Leroy, I think he is great and loves this Union. It’s Okay to disagree.

    I conceded privately with President Burrus that he might be right that this could result in a good last contract for him, yet I felt it could be devastating in the future. Article 21 of the CBA is where FEHBP, Workers Comp (FECA) and our pensions are guaranteed by law. The law is the floor we bargain from and that the Postal Service cannot go below. Under the pay comparability statutes of the Postal Reorganization Act, what has happened to the cost of health care and pensions would not bode well for future contract Interest arbitrations.

    Considering that last year health care hit $3.7 trillion, about $ 11,000 for every man, woman, and child in America, nearly 20% of GDP with 28,000 still uninsured is, to me, ridiculous and due to a privatized system. Beware of the political party that says they support Medicare, but if you give it to someone age 64 it turns into “Evil Socialism “.

    Regardless, I too hope this contract builds on the past for a better APWU future.

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