Postal routing makes Tamaroa, Illinois water bills up to two weeks late

Payment_DueFebruary 13, 2015
The Tamaroa Village Board continued their Feb. 11 meeting for two weeks to discuss the billing cycle for water and sewer customers.

Village employee Tiffany Kujawa said the local post office was ordered to send all the water bills to the regional post office this month, but was guaranteed a two-day turn-around.

The quick turn-around didn’t happen. Kujawa said she took the bills to the post office on Jan. 30. They were mailed out the following Monday. Many village water customers still haven’t received their bills.

Customers who have post office boxes received their bills on time. Other customers called to find out what they owe and paid without a paper copy of their bill.

Kujawa said she will waive late fees and the board concurred.

Trustee Bill Place said the village operates on a 25-day cycle with bills going out the first of the month and customers having 10 days to pay. Following a short period where a late fee applies, customers who do not pay are then disconnected on the 25th day.

Place said the late billing will affect St. Johns, as well.

He suggested continuing the meeting and reconvening to discuss how to handle future postal delays, if necessary. If the delay was a one-time-thing, the board can adjourn the Feb. 11 meeting before opening their March meeting.

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