NRP Class Action Lawsuit Update – December, 2020

Status Update

We wanted to reach out and give a quick update on the case, and answer some questions that have been raised. The claims, evidence, and legal briefs for all of our clients’ relief claims have been submitted to the EEOC Administrative Judge. The Judge has not yet made clear exactly how she plans to move forward with reviewing the information or issuing relief decisions. The Judge set up a course of review that would have had outside masters review a number of claims, but that approach seems to have been stalled out due to USPS objections. We have presented the Judge with many options on ways to quickly move the relief process forward, and we continue to do everything we can to help get relief into your hands.

Our goal is to get this matter resolved in a fair way as quickly as possible. We hope to have some good progress on final awards during 2021, and we will continue to post updates on this website.

We thank you all for your continued patience with this process. We share your frustration with how long this is taking, and we share your anger with the Postal Service’s continued efforts to delay justice in this case. Please know that we are fighting for you, just as we have done for over 10 years.

Here are answers to some questions that have been presented by a number of the class members:

What if I move or change my contact information?

For our clients, please provide your updated contact information to us. The best way to provide this information is to email us at We keep track of our clients’ contact information, and we can provide that to USPS or the EEOC Administrative Judge when they need it.

Will my claim continue if I die?

First, please know that we will continue fighting to get you the best possible award. We are dedicated to achieving the best results for you in this case, and we will not let the USPS game of dragging this process out free them from their legal obligations.

Your claim in this case is a personal asset. Upon your death, all of your assets will pass along, either under the terms of a will or (if you have no will) pursuant to what the law prescribes. Each state has different laws governing this issue, and we recommend that you consult with someone in your area about planning your estate.

Unfortunately, some of our clients in this case have passed away. We notified the Judge about this, and argued that this is yet another reason to move this process toward a quick resolution.

Can I be reinstated to my USPS job now while this relief process is ongoing?

There is no way currently for us to get you back in your position until the EEOC Administrative Judge issues an order. If it is found that you meet the legal criteria for reinstatement, the Judge can order USPS to give you back the job you held before the NRP.

Source: Current Developments | NRP Class Action

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    Rural Carriers - Rathdrum Idaho
    Email Address

    WHEN, will we ever see MONEY for the injuries subjected to us by the postal service in which they CUT us from our jobs! It has been MANY years now, we should have a finding in this case . My health has only deteriorated from this each year.

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