NRLCA: September 2021 Mail Count cancelled

The deadline for the USPS to notify the NRLCA of their intention to exercise their right under Article 9.2.C.3.a to count all rural routes the last 12 working days in September has expired. The only routes that will be counted during this time period will be those that fall under the Special Count provisions in Article 9.2.C.11.a.

“Special counts are conducted under the following two (2) circumstances:

1. When circumstances have negated the validity of the latest count and evaluation. No salary adjustments will be made as a result of the count unless the evaluation of the route is changed by 120 minutes (2 hours) or more.”

This provision primarily goes into effect when DPS letters or DPS flats are introduced on a rural route. Before a route can be counted under DPS it must be receiving DPS mail 30 days prior to the count and must have passed a consecutive 3-day qualifying period of 98% accuracy. Once a route has been qualified the first time, no additional qualifying period is necessary, unless a review is requested.

2. “Whenever a 120 minute (2 hours) or more salary adjustment is made on a route, whether due to a substantial service change or a route adjustment, and the density of the route after the change has been increased to twelve (12) boxes per mile or more or has been decreased to less than twelve (12) boxes per mile.”

This provision will trigger the creation of an “L” route if there was an increase to 12 boxes or more per mile or the elimination of the “L” route status if there was a decrease to less than 12 boxes per mile. Both conditions must exist, plus or minus change above or below the 12 boxes per mile and a 2 hour or more salary adjustment due to service change or route adjustment.

The Mail Count Guide, calculator, and supporting documents may be found on the National Mail Count 2021 page.

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Source: NRLCA

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