Questions on Details to higher level bargaining unit positions

We are in a conflict between PS-6 Clerks, PS-7 Expediters and Lead Clerks. It’s been happening too often lately that management puts up so called back up Clerks (PS-6) to the detail PS -7 position of either an Expediter or Lead clerk.  Their goal is to cut the PS-7 overtime hours but our goals are to protect PS-7 job assignments. Also, they are very allergic against penalty overtime. What does it mean by “all available work hours on the same level” in our CBA?  It’s gone too far to define 12 hours a day including non scheduled days? Any arbitration awards I could look up?  Also, what’s the term “normally” mean in Article 25? A lot of temporary details from PS-6 to the PS-7 didn’t provide PS Form 1723’s.  Is that common practice?

Thanks for your help and advice in advance!

First Name: Eun (union)
Last Name: Kim
Union/Local: APWU – Western Nassau NY Area Local#7115
Office held if any: union rep


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