Questions on Details to higher level bargaining unit positions

We are in¬†a conflict between PS-6 Clerks, PS-7 Expediters and¬†Lead Clerks. It’s been happening too often lately that management puts up so called back up Clerks (PS-6) to the detail PS -7 position of either an Expediter or Lead clerk.¬† Their goal is to cut the PS-7 overtime hours but our goals¬†are to protect PS-7 job assignments. Also, they are very allergic against penalty overtime. What does¬†it mean by “all available work hours on the same level” in our CBA? ¬†It’s gone too far to define 12 hours a day including non scheduled days? Any arbitration awards¬†I could¬†look up?¬† Also, what’s the term “normally” mean¬†in Article 25? A lot of temporary details from PS-6 to the PS-7 didn’t provide PS Form 1723’s.¬† Is¬†that common practice?

Thanks for your help and advice in advance!

First Name: Eun (union)
Last Name: Kim
Union/Local: APWU – Western Nassau NY Area Local#7115
Office held if any: union rep


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