4 thoughts on “Who is assigned painting duties when there is no PS8 painter in the facility?

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    palm beach area local
    Roy, I gave you a statement long before this issue was clarified at the national level in both the JCIM and APWU Maintenance Division “Important Answers” dated August 2014. There are a number of arbitrations and step 3 decisions citing BEMs performing painting duties. Just because it has been a past practice, it doesn’t make it right. Therefore, the BEMs in West Palm Beach have a valid complaint.

    It’s not about being greedy. It’s about securing jobs into the future.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Office held, if any
    Maintenance Steward
    Maintenance Wins Significant Award

    Web News Article #:

    08/07/2014 – The APWU won an important arbitration award on August 06, when Arbitrator Shyam Das ruled that the Postal Service may not detail a maintenance craft employee to perform higher level work in a different occupational group to avoid paying overtime to an employee within that same occupational group. The issue, as framed by Arbitrator Das, was:

    Whether management must use overtime to cover a temporary vacancy in the maintenance craft instead of detailing an employee to a higher level assignment under the provisions of Article 25?


    Whether there is a violation of the National Agreement when an employee from a different occupational group is assigned higher level work on straight time, rather than assigning overtime to an employee within the same occupational group?

    Arbitrator Das refuted all of management’s contentions and ruled affirmative on both issues, consistent with Article 7.2 of the National Agreement.

    National Maintenance Director Steven Raymer remarked, “There are many regional cases held against this lead dispute. The significance of this award should not be understated. It provides enforcement for the distinctions in our occupational groups which would be meaningless without the job security of knowing that the occupational group will perform its work, even at the overtime rate. The Postal Service attempted to chip away at our long standing enforcement of work assignments for our occupational groups based on the rate of pay the employee was earning. This award puts an end to management’s ill-conceived attack on our wages and job security.”

  3. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Local 7041 Jacksonville, NDC
    Office held, if any
    Craft Director
    Jacksonville NDC level 7’s get upgraded for this work.

  4. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Palm Beach Area Local 749
    Bill see me at work and I’ll give you copies of your statements citing the level 7 MM’s on the building side does the painting.

    In my 29 years at this facility the BEM’s have never painted. But now that there is $$$$ involved a few of you claim your were available so you are entitled to be paid.

    It’s amazing how a few people can be greedy when it comes to payouts for grievance resolutions.

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