3 thoughts on “Article 6 Retiree Resolution appears doomed to fail at APWU Convention

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    Without stating an opinion on the concept of this issue, retiree representation, neither pro nor con, there is a new wrinkle. At the previous zoom Powell stated, in view of several field proposals’, that she and Mark was prepared to accept their compromise, which was unstated. I suggested the most vocal proponents of THE department proposal meet her and rk face to face to determine if a joint effort is possible. By most vocal I suggest Donelson, Browning, and Denton. If accommodation is reached, and they agree to take the floor in support, it would be the first time in my memory that the administration supported the concept. If all comes to pass, the convention would have it’s way, and I note the opposition bloc to retiree representation is loud and large. FWIW, I was critical of Donelson’s marketing roll out of THE proposal. I believe that there is a lot of ego around the pet proposal.

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    It is my opinion the retirees are the backbone of the APWU. If it wasn’t for the fights they fought in years past todays members would not have the benefits we currently have.

    APWU retirees are activists in every sense of the word and have always answered the call, from community service activities to political campaigns. APWU retirees donate their time and talents and donations to COPA to make a difference for not just retirees but for all members and the APWU as a whole.

    I don’t understand why anyone would not support this resolution.

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    These Retiree Zoom meetings and related activity have been ongoing leading up to EVERY APWU convention and conference for more than 10 years. It’s a colossal waste of time, money and effort that could and should be put to better use. We aren’t wanted or appreciated, and have no substantive voice at Convention, So be it! Hopefully we won’t go down this road again and retirees immediately “get the message” and stop donating to APWU COPA. That is the ONLY way National will hear us! Let’s put all that Retiree COPA money where it serves ONLY the interests of Retirees. We don’t need a resolution to stop donating to APWU COPA. We just all STOP IT!

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