Debate of Candidates in APWU National Officer Election set for August 14, 2022

National Presidents Conferences at Convention typically see 250-300 presidents in attendance. Having a small room and limiting attendance to 150 due to room size, and priority given to presidents, I believe is a thinly veiled attempt to restrict attendance and access to the postal press association and others wanting to report on or Facebook Live or YouTube the debate.

They are also having it at night to reduce attendance as well.

I think all the presidents should object! – RZ

June 30, 2022
“Without Objection the Debate Committee has decided to expand the parameters of the upcoming APWU National Election debate to include an invitation to the following opposed positions from the General and Administrative Offices: Legislative/Political Director and Human Relations Director.

The entire debate process is scheduled for Sunday, August 14, 2022 for no more than approximately 2 hours from 4:30 PM-6:30 PM. We will stay in the NPC room that holds a maximum of 150. Priority attendance is to state and local presidents.

A questionnaire will be sent by email from the NPC website to submit questions. One question can be submitted on the form at a time. Additional question (s) can be submitted on a separate form. Questions are limited to the business of the APWU only.

The NPC will record the event and upload it to YouTube and share it on the NPC website. This is the only recording that is to take place during the debate. Please refrain from using any other recording device during the debate.”

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One thought on “Debate of Candidates in APWU National Officer Election set for August 14, 2022

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    Further expanding on my personal comments in the above post:

    NPCs at national convention, once started, have had a higher attendance than regularly scheduled NPCs. As many know, this is due to the presidents attending training can attend effectively free or if not, arrive one day early to attend. Because it saves presidents a lot of money attendance will be higher.

    The last NPC with a presidential debate in San Antonio had a high attendance. If I end up being wrong so be it. However, planning to have a small room requiring the turning away of interested officers and members defeats the purpose of holding a debate. Secondly, why should the NPC care if anyone records the proceedings if the NPC is intending to post the full debate online? That makes no sense.

    I am also confused on timing. It has been stated the debate follows the NPC so those presidents attending training could participate. Its a very long day for presidents at the NPC (which does not normally break for lunch) to go without a meal break which may require some to not attend the debate. This is a valid issue.

    My information is based on historic attendance and my primary concern is holding a restrictive debate that should be attended by any member interested in our union’s elections. We hear constantly we are a democratic union, now is the time for the NPC to prove it with adequate space for all wishing to attend and zero restrictions on press coverage or recordings.

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