APWU: 2015 Organizing Drive – Finish Strong

apwu-organizing(May 18, 2015) The 2015 Contract Action Team (CAT) Organizing drive is coming to a close and because of the hard work of our local and state organizations, it has already been a success. Starting on Feb. 19 and as of May 5, this year’s organizing drive has added 3,485 new members to the APWU!

With only days to go until our contract expires on May 20,  it is time to finish strong and grow our union.

We welcome each and every one of our new brothers and sisters and encourage all of you to get involved. Our union is many faceted in its services to the membership and every one of you has skills we can use to enhance our lives and make our workplace better for everyone.

Source: 2015 Organizing Drive – Finish Strong | APWU

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