Video: Man Says Missing Package Containing Thousands of Pictures From Childhood a ‘Nightmare Come True’

The package got to the Bay Area, but it never got to his house. Whether it’s man or machine, Brian Cooper says there’s a delivery problem with the US Postal Service. Now, right before the holiday rush, USPS is looking into his complaint.

Cooper moved to the Bay Area about a year ago from Georgia, and is homesick. His mom tried to cheer him up by sending him thousands of pictures from his childhood.

“Not every picture is on an iPhone,” Cooper said.

According to the USPS tracking number record, it took four days to reach California from Georgia.

That package was set to arrive October 24th, but it never made it. In fact, it supposedly never left the Richmond distribution facility.

“I’m not getting calls back from anybody (at USPS). It’s just been an absolute nightmare come true,” Cooper said.

missing_mail_package_picturesUSPS Spokesman Augustine Ruiz says the Richmond site is a heavily mechanized operation. He says it’s probably still there and finding it is now a top priority.

“The key executives at the highest level of our district are looking into this matter,” Ruiz said.

Cooper says online message boards show hundreds of other people have experienced similar problems with the Richmond site.

Ruiz says the USPS will investigate to see if there’s a trend.

“I’m not sure if we have a systemic problem or if we just have a problem with this particular package,” Ruiz said.

“Ah, me and my nephew,” Cooper said looking at one of the few pictures at his house.

Cooper hopes the package full of photos arrives soon to make his new city, feel more like home.

via Man Says Missing Package Containing Thousands of Pictures From Childhood a “Nightmare Come True” | NBC Bay Area.

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