USPS: ‘One of the lucky ones’ – Iraq war veteran finds new career with USPS


Marine Sgt. Kamm Davis aboard a light-armored vehicle while serving during the Iraq War.

St. George, UT, Retail Associate is one of almost 100,000 veterans who work for the Postal Service.

Marine Sgt. Kamm Davis was standing with his body sticking out of a light-armored vehicle as it drove toward Baghdad at the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003. Suddenly the vehicle swerved and turned over.  “Thirty-thousand pounds of steel rolled on top of me,” he said. “I thought, ‘I’m dead.’ But I lived. My helmet and body armor protected my vital organs.”

Davis suffered extensive injuries and was eventually flown home, but not before receiving the Purple Heart.  Later, after being honorably discharged, Davis began a career with the Postal Service, where he’s one of almost 100,000 veterans who work for USPS.

Davis, a retail associate at the St. George, UT, Post Office, brings to the job firsthand knowledge of the power of mail.

“A letter from home is huge,” he said. “You read them 50 times. You tuck them in your pocket just to have them close to you. To get something from home — a letter, a picture or a crumbled up dry cookie — it’s absolutely priceless.”

Little things matter most to veterans, Davis said.

“When somebody says, ‘Thanks for your service,’ it means a lot,” he said with tears in his eyes. “I never forget that I’m one of the lucky ones.”

via USPS News Link Story – ‘One of the lucky ones’.

One thought on “USPS: ‘One of the lucky ones’ – Iraq war veteran finds new career with USPS

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Office held, if any
    USPS Widow
    My USMC felt fortunate to get a job with the USPS in 1990, but unknown to him , his time with the USPS would be more dangerous then the war, due to the autocratic micromanagement by the effect in post office from the passing of the PAEA, he received orders from the Management ( Labor Department ) in March/May of 2006 which violated the fair labor standards law for having 2 retirements in his small 4 man office and then having one injured out for a year, which involves his last legal grievance illegally denied by the labor department and removal of newly trained casual ( rehired after his death ) which made him work short handed once again and die of massive in May of 2007 within a year of orders. Many have died since then and the list can be found at , which is working on a memorial tribute to those who have given their last full letter of devotion.

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