USPS: Queens P&DC exceeds package-sorting expectations


Queens, NY, P&DC Clerk Dorinda Tyson works on an SPSS.

The new machine that sorts small packages is generating big results for the Postal Service.

Two Small Parcel Sorting Systems (SPSS) at the Queens, NY, P&DC recently processed more than 1 million packages in a single week, a new record.

“USPS is thriving and parcels will continue to be a competitive resource,” said Operations Support Specialist Janice Marzan. “Employees are delighted to see the package service building.”

The SPSS represents a major investment for the Postal Service, which is focused on growing package deliveries. The new equipment, which debuted earlier this year, is designed to sort packages that weigh 20 pounds or less — the kind many retailers use to fulfill orders from online shoppers.

The Queens P&DC is the only plant in Northeast Area with two SPSS machines. The Los Angeles International Service Center recently set a SPSS record for one machine.

The Queens facility has worked hard to maximize the equipment’s potential, Plant Manager Stephen Humin said.

“Working together with the local unions and utilizing employee engagement principles, we were able establish a capable process,” he said. “We’re looking forward to the opportunities that await us in the upcoming holiday season.”

Source: Good sorts | USPS News Link

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