USPS: Postal Pulse – New employee program/survey replaces VOE

postal_pulseUSPS will soon introduce the Postal Pulse, a program that aims to improve postal workplaces by better engaging employees and leveraging their ideas and feedback.
The Postal Pulse will replace the Voice of the Employee survey.

The new program will include one survey of the entire USPS workforce in 2015. This survey will be administered in March.
Beginning in 2016, all employees will be surveyed twice a year.

The Postal Pulse also will include resources to help supervisors interpret the results and put employees’ ideas into action.

The initiative aligns with PMG Megan Brennan’s goal to invest in postal employees.

“As Postmaster General Brennan says, our employees are the bedrock of our success, and their ideas and insights are crucial to our future,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson. “Through the Postal Pulse program, we’ll work together to strengthen our workplaces and continue moving our organization forward.”

Additional details will be announced soon.

via USPS News Link Story – Postal Pulse.

One thought on “USPS: Postal Pulse – New employee program/survey replaces VOE

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Philadelphia Area Local APWU
    Office held, if any
    The purpose of the survey is NOT to ameliorate workplace conditions for the average hourly rated interval worker (unionized clocker) but instead to figure out how to really screw the worker better. Don’t fall prey to this ongoing scam, going on for years while conditions at the USPS for workers have gotten dire.

    New name for SOS. Will anyone ever learn? Postal Pulse is flatlined and the employee NEVER had a voice. Got that?

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