USPS OIG Report: Collection Point Management System

  • By supporting the Postal Service in monitoring and managing its vast network of collection points, the Collection Point Management System (CPMS) plays a key role in ensuring customers have appropriate access to the postal network and high-quality delivery service.
  • Opportunities exist to enhance the system in ways that would improve the Postal Service’s ability to manage and track its collection point network, provide more accurate and timely data for internal decisionmakers, and offer better service to the public.

The Collection Point Management System (CPMS) is a Postal Service data collection system that manages data pertaining to its vast network of mail collection points. Among other uses, the CPMS user interface facilitates the entry and modification of data on collection points additions, removals, relocation, suspensions, or maintenance, and records annual volume density tests data measuring the volume of mail moving through each individual collection point, which, among other considerations, help the USPS make decisions on collection point addition or removal.

While CPMS is a useful operational tool for postmasters and District officials, there are opportunities to enhance the system to make data management processes more efficient and improve the quality of CPMS data. These opportunities include using the system for all communications related to changes to collection network status that currently take place through other channels and enabling the system to identify potential issues with volume density test data quality. These changes will result in time savings, access to more accurate information, and better tracking of outcomes.

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