USPS OIG: Do you receive your mail through Omaha, Nebraska?

AuditAsks_ConsolidationNorfolkAndGrandIslandIntoOmaha_1125x360Project Title: Omaha, NE, P&DC Customer Service Performance
Start Date: Monday, March 28, 2016
Estimated Report Release Date: September 2016

In an effort to align its mail processing infrastructure with declining mail volume, the Postal Service has consolidated some mail processing facilities nationwide. Before initiating the consolidations, the Postal Service is required to evaluate service standard impacts for all classes of mail and consider issues important to local customers. Some mail processing operations at the Norfolk and Grand Island, NE, Processing and Distribution Facilities have been consolidated into the Omaha, NE, Processing & Distribution Center. We plan to determine if the consolidations adversely affected customer service performance.

  • Is the Postal Service meeting its service standards to customers affected by the consolidations of the Norfolk and Grand Island, NE, Processing and Distribution Facilities?

Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

One thought on “USPS OIG: Do you receive your mail through Omaha, Nebraska?

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Lincoln Area Local #112
    I am a window clerk and also 204b when needed. In the 16 years I have worked for customer service this has been the WORST EVER on delivery of mail. Our standard for priority has become 3-10 days!!!!! Getting mail from Omaha to Lincoln 2-8 days.

    NOW we are having to separate everything in Lincoln, NE for Omaha….isn’t this why they took the STATE CAPITOL’s date cancellation machine and ALOT of jobs away from Lincoln which we make up with pse’s so THEY COULD CUT DOWN ON COSTS!!!! NOT the greatest idea for customer service which these are the people who every day trust us with their mail and keep US employed.

    The standard of our mail delivery is BROKEN and needs to be FIXED ASAP!!! JUST BECAUSE IT MIGHT LOOK GOOD ON PAPER DOESN’T MEAN ITS GOING TO WORK!!! The people who push the pens need to really work the floor for a month or so and get back to REALITY!!!!

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