USPS Memo and Documents on EFEL OPM Guidance

From: Vance Zimmerman <>
Date: 4/30/21
Subject: USPS Memo and Documents on EFEL OPM Guidance.


This email is provided as information only as to what the Postal Service has chosen to do based on the guidance issued by OPM in regards to EFEL. The APWU has reached out to the Postal Service to discuss the guidance.

Attached are 3 documents the Postal Service released this afternoon in regards to the EFEL OPM Guidance.

It should be noted that the forms the USPS are asking those requesting EFEL to complete were created by OPM. As stated in the earlier email completing the forms is not a waiver of any grievance rights.

The Industrial Relations Department will be conducting a ZOOM Seminar to discuss the guidance on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The Seminar is open to National, State and Local Officers or their designees. Pre-registration is required.

There will be two sessions, one at 1:00 pm Eastern and another at 6:00 pm Eastern. Both sessions will cover the same material so attendees will only need to attend one session.

It is recommended all attendees review the OPM Guidance Documents that can be found at: COVID-19 Emergency Paid Leave | CHCOC. In order to facilitate the seminar and make it productive as possible, please submit questions on the guidance in advance to and put EFEL Seminar Question in the subject line of the email.

Click Here to register for the 1 PM Eastern Session

Click Here to register for the 6 PM Eastern Session

Please Disseminate.

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Required OPM Documentation for Emergency Federal Employee Leave

EFEL Employee Notification and Leave Request Form

Employee Agreement in Connection with EFEL

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