USPS “engagement ambassadors program” update


The Postal Service’s engagement ambassadors are training managers and supervisors across the nation.

The Postal Service has shown more than 5,000 managers and supervisors how to improve their workplaces since the USPS engagement ambassadors program began in the spring.

The ambassadors are a team of 26 employees who are divided among the seven areas and headquarters. Each ambassador travels throughout their assigned territory, conducting classes for managers and supervisors.

The classes last a day-and-a-half and cover the 12 principles of engagement developed by Gallup, a pioneer in workplace culture.

All 41,000 managers and supervisors will complete the training.

“The ambassadors are helping to change the culture of the Postal Service, one workplace at a time,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “In just a few months, they’ve made significant progress in their goal of helping every leader in our organization.”

The ambassadors were chosen from a pool of about 800 applicants. Each ambassador received extensive training from Gallup.

The Employee Engagement Blue site has contact information for all ambassadors.

Williams encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with the program.

“We look forward to our organizational leaders getting to know the ambassadors and benefitting from their guidance,” he said.


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