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roseanne-jefferson_2Roseanne is a retired USPS employee with an extensive background in USPS retirement, disability retirement, OWCP, EEO, Labor Relations and HR. She conducts individual and group counseling and is able to comprehensively discuss the pros and cons of employees who are on OWCP, disability retirement and regular retirement. Roseanne will be happy to answer your postal retirement questions.
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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Boston Metro APWU
    Dear Roseanne,

    I am CSRS employee with 34 years of a mix of ptr, non-traditional and full time service. I am retiring in November, 2017. I only have 38 quarters for SS. Should I return to work for the two quarters?. I understand that it will be reduced. Also my husband is retired and turning 65. He has his own pension and started collecting SS at age 62. Should I keep him on my health insurance or should he get his own insurance and Part B? Thank you.

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