APWU: Fire Safety Fact Sheet Released

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01/08/2016 – As part of the APWU’s campaign to Stand Up for Safe Jobs, locals across the country have been distributing fact sheets outlining our right to a safe workplace.

Fact Sheet #4, Fire Safety and Prevention [PDF], is the latest to be released.

According to the Employee Labor Relations Manual (ELM), installation heads are responsible for implementing emergency action plans and fire safety programs. The fact sheet includes a checklist for workers, asking questions such as:

Click image for resources and more information about the"Stand Up For Safe Jobs" campaign

  • Are exits clear and properly maintained?
  • Do you know the location of fire alarms?
  • Are they tested regularly?
  • Do you know the location of fire extinguishers? Are they inspected regularly?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher within 50 feet?
  • Are postal vehicles stocked with fire extinguishers and emergency warning kits?
  • Is there an Emergency Evacuation Team (EET) on your tour? Are the names posted?
  • Are alternates assigned to cover absences?
  • Does your office conduct at least one emergency evacuation drill on your tour each year?
  • Are evacuations quick and orderly?
  • Do you know how injured employees and people with disabilities are supposed to be evacuated?
  • Does management conduct regular fire inspections?
  • Do you know the fire prevention plan for your area? Is it reviewed with you annually?
  • Do you know emergency escape procedures?
  • Have you seen your facility’s written emergency plan? (In facilities of fewer than 10 employees the plan may be communicated verbally.)

Upcoming fact sheets will address other tactics we can utilize to ensure workplace safety. Previous flyers cover topics such as, Know Your Contractual and Legal Rights [PDF], What You Can Do About Unsafe Conditions [PDF], and, Can It Hurt Me? Can It Make Me Sick? [PDF]

Locals that need additional copies of the fact sheets can print them locally, or write to NCCC@apwu.org to order more. Click here for more information about the campaign.

Everyone has the right to leave work in one piece!

Source: Fire Safety Fact Sheet Released | APWU

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