NPMHU: PDF version of Contract Interpretation Manual v.6 released

April 9, 2024
I am pleased to announce that the NPMHU-USPS Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (CIM) Version 6 has been completed and is being released today. The printing of the hard copy of the CIM is underway. The electronic (pdf) version has been released today, and is posted on the National website under the Member Resources tab.

The National Office will be bulk-shipping printed CIM 6 Manuals to each Local Union Headquarters. The number of CIM’s shipped to each Local Headquarters will include one CIM for each identified Union Representative, with additional copies for future Shop Stewards.

The Contract Administration Department is currently working diligently “linking” each source document referenced in the CIM to the actual citation in the manual. When CIM Version 6 with resources is complete, the National Office will post the CIM Version 6 with resources on the National website, where it shall be available on MAILS.

NPMHU-USPS Joint Contract Interpretation Manual

Source: NPMHU

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