Attention APWU Retirees: Sales Retention Team Site Payout

Via APWU Philadelphia Local Retiree Chapter:

To be eligible, you would have to be a full-time clerk in the site installation to receive a credit for a specific pay period identified in the date range listed for each site. Each employee would have total credits listed on the right hand side of the report. A PSE converted to full-time would only start receiving credits once they became a full-time clerk in the SRT site installation and it would have to be during the grievance period. A full-time clerk in the SRT installation that retired before the grievance period would not received any credits. The value for each credit will be determined at a later date, no earlier than August 4, 2018.

Lamont Brooks
Assistant Director “A”
Clerk Division

Click Here for Sales Retention Team Site Payout | APWU

  • Akron, 2012, PP04 – 2017, PP08
  • Atlanta, 2013, PP03 – 2017, PP08
  • Boston, 2012, PP06 – 2017, PP08
  • Bustleton (Philadelphia), 2012, PP12 – 2017, PP08
  • Dallas, 2012, PP21 – 2017, PP08
  • Dayton, 2014, PP03 – 2017, PP07
  • Everett (Seattle), 2012, PP04 – 2017, PP08
  • Fox Valley, 2012, PP03 – 2017, PP08
  • Portland, 2012, PP06 – 2017, PP08
  • St. Petersburg, 2014, PP06 – 2017, PP08
  • San Francisco, 2013, PP17 – 2017, PP08
  • Tampa, 2014, PP07 – 2017, PP08

One thought on “Attention APWU Retirees: Sales Retention Team Site Payout

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Fox Valley, Illinois Local 7139
    My name is Ronald L. McMurray and my address is 9546 south Yates Chicago Illinois 60617. I’m one of the former Fox Valley employees who was entitled to a SRT payment and have yet not received mine while most of, If not all, current and former Fox Valley employees have received theirs. If you can help or advise, please comment here or contact me at and/or my phone number at 773-443-4009.

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