APWU SWCAL Retiree Chapter has a WEB Page

Via Bobby Donelson, APWU SWCAL Retiree Chapter President:
swcalretirees.org is the website for Southwest Coastal Area Local #917 of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO.

Due to the fact the local’s swcal web page was deactivated in April, the Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter has set up a web page. One important part of the web page was communication through reports. This section is not working yet but will be done soon.

A lot of the information was from when I was the Southwest Coastal Area Local President. In the next few months I will try to update additional sections. There are changes, but more are needed. In addition, we kept the 1970 strike pictures because that was the birth of collective bargaining for postal workers and is an important part of our history.

Our goal was to offer information for retirees and members of the Southwest Coastal Area Local. That has been my philosophy my entire union career. None of us should be reluctant to share information.

Our web page will have a Home Page, Training Page, Report Page, and Contact Page.

  1.  These links are on the left side of the Home Page.
  2.  The top of the Home Page has Home Page, Trustee, Retiree, Cartoons, and Contact Link.
  3.  The right side of the web page has a lot of reference links.

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