APWU files disputes over 299 USPS facility name changes

From: Lynn Pallas-Barber <lpallas@apwu.org
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 5:47 PM
To: Regional Coordinators; NBAs
Cc: Lamont Brooks; Sam Lisenbe; Michael Foster; Idowu Balogun; Javier Pineres; Terry Martinez; Vance Zimmerman; Debby Szeredy; Mark Dimondstein
Subject: Initiating disputes Article 19 and Article 15 – Name change 299 facilities.

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find attached the Notification from the USPS that we received dated 1/27/20. Also attached are the disputes that were filed today after our meeting on 2/14/20.

On 2/14/20, Sam Lisenbe and I met on the attached Notification to change the name of 299 facilities. They are in violation of Section 110 of the ELM, the Pub. 32 by their own definitions. They are attempting to change installations by name and type:

These name changes make no sense. It shows some P&DFs changed to MPFs, P&DFS to P&DCs, P&DCs to MPFs and P&DFS changed to Annexes. There is no consistency with how the names/designations were changed nor an explanation given on how the new facility type was determined.

The list shows the following:

P&DFs Changed to MPFs:
Grand Island
Norfolk NE
Central Dakota
Eau Claire

P&DFs Changed to P&DCs:
Ft Wayne

P&DCs Changed to MPFs:
Colorado Springs

P&DFs Changed to Annexes:
Muncie P&DF changed to Indy/Muncie Annex
Oshkosh P&DF changed to Green Bay/Oshkosh Annex
Rocky Mount P&DF changed to Raleigh/Rocky Mount Annex

Akron and Youngstown, have been designated as Annexes to start with but they are always referred to as the Akron P&DC and Youngstown P&DF when we receive correspondence regarding them. Now both are newly designated as Cleveland Annexes.

These changes may result in changes to the actual Bid Clusters and problems when dealing in Article 12 issues. Changes in the type of facility also changes whether the USPS must conduct AMP studies under PO 408 or not.

There is no breakdown or organizational entity named as a Mail Processing Facility (MPF). It is not found in 113 of the ELM nor is it found in the Pub. 32. The other concern is that some of the new Annexes are beyond the 50 miles. The CBA language for all three crafts provide for bidding installation wide. A determination of an Annex is a subsidiary building separate from a parent network mail processing facility or delivery unit (called carrier annex) that supports the need for additional operational space.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Please share with your state and local leaders.

Lynn Pallas-Barber
Assistant Clerk Craft Director
1300 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

USPS Notification Received 1/27/20

Initiate National Dispute – Article 15

Initiate National Dispute – Article 19

F1 Facilities List

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