Update on Amazon Fresh and Consolidation in the Santa Ana District

The following was sent to www.21cpw.com for informational purposes. It is from an APWU MVS member (verified) who wishes to remain anonymous:

There is a big difference between the 2 offices that are doing the Amazon Fresh in our district.  First off, Orange, Ca., is only averaging 250 orders a day, while Irvine Ca., is averaging over 1250. These 2 offices pulled so many CCA’s off of delivering the mail, that they have been interviewing the last 2 weeks.

The driver trainers have been very busy too. Our office has already had 3 accidents so far. Not sure how serious, or the amount of damage, but with the tort system, it doesn’t matter. So, not only are the CCA’s delivering groceries, but the managers are putting Amazon Prime packages on them too. I’m sure the drivers in the morning are probably delivering Express too, if it’s on their route.

AmazonFresh2The biggest problem they are having with the deliveries, Amazon doesn’t put delivery tags on the totes. There is a bar code on the bag, but they have to wait until they receive the manifest from Amazon. Then they scan the barcode, and match the order to the manifest.

As we all know, most plant consolidations never go as planned.
We have the City of Industry P&DC, that was scheduled for closure, but has since been taken off of the hit list. The geniuses still decided to go ahead with plans to move all the letter operations down to Santa Ana P&DC. They have slowly been moving machines, and zones, to the tune of 10-12 per week.

Every Sunday, they get bombed with mail, with over 7 trailers of letters coming down to Santa Ana. Last Sunday, they processed over 6.5 million letters. Every day, they send back over 10 trailers of processed DPS mail, back to Industry.

Some of the Mail Handlers are working 7-days, and 10-12 hrs. per day. The Clerks in automation, are working OT, penalty overtime, SDO’s. They are using up so much work hours, and it’s only March. It’s really funny, because they underestimated the impact of this move. They have hired PSE’s off the street, and MHA’s, too. We are supposed to get more machines, and they are going to remove one of the AI’s.   They are also getting Slow Speed tray transport system.

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