Berkeley post office: Judge asks USPS to rescind documents

Stop_The_Sale_BerkeleyBy Judith Scherr – March 27, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO — The fight to save the historic downtown Berkeley post office has moved from raucous rallies on the post office steps to the hushed 19th-floor courtroom of United States District Court Judge William Alsup.

On Thursday morning, the judge considered a motion by the United States Postal Service to kill two lawsuits filed separately in September against the agency by the city of Berkeley and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Alsup didn’t rule on the motion Thursday, but asked attorney Kenneth Rooney, representing the Postal Service, to have the agency rescind several documents, possibly opening the door to in-depth environmental studies and public hearings. He gave the Postal Service a week to rescind the documents.

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