4 thoughts on “USPS’s Viewpoint on Custodial Team Cleaning – MS-47 TL-5

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    APWU - Dallas Local 732
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    How is the Army of one “Custodian Team Cleaning” going? Not well, I mean in thirty years with the Postal Service, I have never had to stand in urine to urinate until the new and improved “Call This Clean?” system was implemented. And yes, I file 1767s to the same people that implemented the program.

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    APWU - Boise Local 650
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    I fully agree with Andy Penza in his comment below. Our office, which is a level 18 office, has me as the sole Custodian Level 05 BMC. This is being implemented by the end of this month – August 2017. I keep my office clean, all 3 stories of it. This CTC cleaning thing is nothing more than the same old situation where a management person who has a relative in the supply biz is making alot of money on this cleaning scheme. My little office will have to fork out 7K and an additional ongoing cintas agreements from now on. It just adds costly unneeded equipment and supplies to existing cleaning equipment supplies, etc. TOTALLY wasteful monetary expenditure on an unneeded venture. Definitely politically motivated by management. Don’t believe me, just look at the guide’s opening sentence – this is mandatory, not optional – and that is all you need to know to get the depravity of postal management who would screw the post office out of millions of dollars in order to get an advantage over our union.

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    APWU - Auburn WA Local
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    What is wrong with using a HEPA-certified canister vacuum with wheels? To support the need for a reasonable accommodation, get a doctor’s note stating your functional limitations. Refer to Reasonable Accommodation for a Back Impairment.

    If reasonable accommodation is denied, you could retain an employment law attorney on a contingency basis to represent you on an EEO complaint. If continuing medical attention is needed, consider filing OWCP Form CA-2 for an occupational injury. A medical doctor (MD or OD) would need to say “more likely than not” that your medical condition is due to your work, or was aggravated by your work, and explain why.

    It is illegal for an employer to fire, demote, transfer or otherwise retaliate against a worker for reporting an injury or illness. If you believe you have been retaliated against in any way, file a whistleblower complaint within 30 days of the alleged retaliation at Whistleblowers.gov.

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    APWU - Boise Idaho Local 650
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    Shop Steward
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    This Custodial Team Cleaning is crazy. In theory it could work ok. But our facility is looking dirtier than ever. Plus, most of our custodians’ backs or shoulders hurt from the vacuum backpacks. We were told that we will get a fit-for-duty test if we get a doctor’s note for the vacuum backpacks, and possibly fired.

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