USPS OIG Report: Millennials and the Mail

July 30, 2018 (RARC-WP-18-011)

  • Satisfaction with the Postal Service is similar across generations.
  • Millennials’ ideas for improving their engagement with the Postal Service center on convenience and increasing customization.
  • Living arrangements are an important indicator of Millennials’ perception and level of engagement with the Postal Service.

As Millennials come into their economic prime, understanding how they use mail and the ways to best serve their needs is of crucial importance to the Postal Service. The OIG therefore conducted qualitative and quantitative research to provide a more comprehensive view of how Millennials – defined in this paper as adults aged 18 to 34 – engage with the Postal Service.

The OIG found that while there are some differences in how much Millennials usage various postal products compared with older generations, their satisfaction with USPS is similar. Our research indicates there are two primary opportunities to appeal to young consumers: enhancing convenience and increasing customization. The OIG also found that Millennials’ living arrangements are an important indicator of their engagement with and perception of the Postal Service. This research could be important for USPS’s product development and outreach strategies with Millennials.

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Source: USPS Office of Inspector General

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