USPS OIG: How Should the Postal Service Handle Improperly Prepared Mail?

oig_mail_prepA workshare discount is a postage discount provided to mailers for doing work normally performed by the Postal Service (presorting, barcoding, handling, or transporting mail). In general, the discount should not exceed the cost the Postal Service avoids when someone else performs the task. Improperly prepared workshare mail requires additional handling, which adds to the cost of processing.

The Electronic Mail Improvement Reporting (eMIR) system is an application that allows operations personnel to report mail preparation issues that impact processing and delivery. eMIR was developed by a Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee workgroup to provide relevant feedback on preparation issues. eMIR reports are directed to Business Service Network and Business Mail Entry Unit employees, who communicate the issues to mailers. Mailers take actions to resolve the issues and can also access eMIR reports and use the information to improve their operations.

  • When irregularities are detected that negatively impact processing operations, should the mailer responsible for those irregularities be required to pay additional postage to cover the added costs? Why or why not?
  • How should the Postal Service handle improperly prepared mail?
  • Should eMIR reporting be used to initiate collection of revenue deficiencies?

Project Title: eMIR – Workshare Discount Mail Quality
Start Date: March 24, 2015
Estimated Report Release Date: September 2015

Source: How Should the Postal Service Handle Improperly Prepared Mail? | Office of Inspector General

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