USPS: New Facilities and Fleet Management organization will be led by Ronnie Jarriel

Facilities and Fleet Management Senior Vice President Ronnie Jarriel

September 13, 2023
The Postal Service has created a new organization to enable effective planning, coordination and management of facility and vehicle infrastructure projects.

The new Facilities and Fleet Management organization will be led by Ronnie Jarriel, who will serve as senior vice president, reporting directly to the postmaster general.

In this new, expanded role, Jarriel will direct the execution of the Postal Service’s stated strategies and initiatives to modernize all USPS facilities and the organization’s vehicle fleet.

Benjamin Kuo will continue to lead Facilities’ initiatives as facilities vice president and report to Jarriel.

“We continue to drive forward on our Delivering for America priorities of improving our service, reducing our costs, growing our business and making the Postal Service a great place to work for our employees. Aligning the organization for better focus and enhancing collaboration has been an ongoing initiative to accomplish these goals. This new group will have the capability and clarity of mission to execute on our strategies of investing in the modernization of our processing, delivery and logistics assets,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who announced the changes recently.

He noted that over the next five years, the Postal Service has major initiatives to upgrade most of its owned processing centers and larger delivery units, as well as to acquire 106,000 new delivery vehicles.

He also noted that the implementation of electric vehicle infrastructure across the nation will be required to support the 66,000 electric vehicles included in the five-year acquisition plans.

“We have a good strategy and need to align various parts of the organization to better execute on it,” DeJoy said.

The Eagle magazine’s summer edition has more information on network and transportation improvements under Delivering for America.

Source: USPS

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