USPS: Innovative changes – PMG reports on new initiatives


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(August 28, 2014) E-commerce and technology are shaping the way packages are delivered, and creating an increased demand for better tracking and customer service.

“Packages are the future. Scanning is the future. Visibility is the future,” PMG Pat Donahoe said in his latest video message to employees. “It’s critical that we do all of these things right.”

With more customers taking advantage of e-commerce, Donahoe says it is critical to scan and deliver each package accurately and on time. Customers today expect more real-time updates and faster delivery. One way the Postal Service is addressing these growing needs, the PMG explains, is by rolling out new hand-held Mobile Delivery Devices to improve tracking and communication.

Donahoe also talks about a 60-day early-morning delivery test in San Francisco. He says it is an innovative approach to delivery that uses the Postal Service’s technology, network and vehicles to generate additional revenue. He also gives an update on the Staples conversion to the Approved Shipper Program, and previews national Postal Customer Council Week coming up in September.

The PMG reminds employees to avoid unsafe situations and conditions while on the job. Three new safety videos highlight tips to prevent rollaway/runaway vehicles, dog bites and heat stress.

Finally, Donahoe thanks employees for their hard work. “Keep doing a great job delivering those packages. Keep doing a great job of customer service and do it safely.”

via USPS News Link Story – Innovative changes.

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