USPS: Election Mail, Political Mail reminder

USPS wants employees to follow the proper procedures for handling Green Tag 191, for Election Mail, and Red Tag 57, for Political Mail.

May 13, 2022
The Postal Service wants employees to remember the differences between Election Mail and Political Mail.

Election Mail describes mail — to or from election officials — that allows individuals to participate in the voting process. Examples include ballots for domestic or international delivery, voter registration cards, absentee ballot applications and polling place notifications.

Political Mail falls into two different categories: Political Campaign Mail and Political Message Mail.

Political Campaign Mail is mail used for political campaign purposes by a registered candidate, a campaign committee or a political party.

Political Message Mail is mail from a political action committee (PAC), super PAC or other organization engaging in campaign activity, issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

There are different tagging requirements for Election Mail and Political Mail as they move through the postal network.

The Election Mail and Political Mail Blue page has more information.

Source: USPS

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