USPS: August 2018 Retiree E-Newsletter

Returning to the Workforce as a Reemployed Annuitant

If you’re interested in returning to the Postal Service you can easily apply for jobs on Go to the bottom portion of the webpage and select Careers. Once you find the job you are looking for, apply as instructed. To learn more about the application process and salary offset rules read more in this months issue.

Your Wellness Corner

August is National Immunization Month. Many people believe that vaccines are just for children or babies. However, adults aged 65 and older are the group that is most at risk for pneumonia and more diseases that can be prevented with vaccines. Most vaccinations are 100% covered by your health insurance plan at no cost to you. Read more in this month’s issue.

Postal News

The Postal Service has issued a statement regarding a Trump administration proposal to reorganize some federal agencies. The proposal, part of a report the administration released June 21, recommends restructuring and possibly privatizing USPS. Find out Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan’s response in this month’s issue.

Source: KeepingPosted – Information for USPS Retirees

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