APWU: TV News – A Good Example Of How To Spread The Message

The video linked below is a good example of how to spread the message that service standard changes and the closure of mail processing facilities will create hardships for individual customers and small businesses.

via TV News: A Good Example | APWU.

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Cape Girardeau Area Local 4088
    Office held, if any
    First watch this Houston-based news story and then read on.

    Does this sound familiar? Parcels and First Class letters in southeast Missouri began being withheld from processing over a year ago, for no other reason than to “soften the blow” or make it less noticeable when all classes of southeast Missouri’s mail begin to be processed in the St. Louis and Hazelwood mail processing facilities. There is one exception to that, as I have recently learned that newspapers that are currently sorted in Cape Girardeau will continue to be sorted there. That answers my question of why none of the newspapers are reporting the information that I have provided to them and am sharing with you in this post.

    The Priority Mail parcels that you and I mail from southeast Missouri to another address in southeast Missouri stopped being withheld from processing in Cape Girardeau ONLY because employees went against improper management instructions and scanned the delivery confirmation tracking barcode on those delayed packages. What this did was showed the customer exactly when and where their package was being delayed. We, as customers, complained and they stopped withholding those packages from processing. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the First Class mail you send doesn’t have delivery tracking that can be seen by the customer. We can only trust that our car payments, electric bill payment, sanitation bill payment and all the others will be processed in a timely manner. Trust. Remember that word for the next few minutes.

    Managers and others have made claims that this info was only made public because of postal workers worried about protecting their jobs. If my job was my number one concern, would I have put my job on the line going public after OIG walked away from me and handed me over to the very managers I was reporting? I didn’t have my job threatened by changes in the way our mail is being handled, I had my job threatened for telling other customers like myself about those changes. If not for the intervention of Representative Jason Smith and Senator Roy Blunt, I have no doubt they would have made good on the threat.

    This link is to the story Kathy Sweeney and KFVS12 reported on when they saw the evidence for themselves and wanted the people in southeast Missouri to be aware of.


    This is the link to ALL of the evidence that was collected during an investigation lasting months, an investigation that the USPS OIG now claims never took place.


    These next two links are the recorded voicemails from my phone in regards to my OIG complaints and requests that they continue the investigation into mail intentionally delayed at the Cape Girardeau Mail Processing Facility. Does this sound like communication from someone with nothing to hide and nothing to report?



    Please share this info with your media contacts… your friends.

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