Survey Says: The USPS Is a Terrible Place to Work

Saturday, April 30, 2016
An organizational tumor that has festered within the U.S. Postal Service for years burst into public view this week at exactly the wrong time.

An employee survey that postal officials tried to keep under wraps proves what countless postal workers have been saying for years: The USPS is generally a horrible, dysfunctional place to work.

What makes the Postal Pulse survey results so meaningful is that the Gallup Organization compared the USPS data to those of other client organizations.

InsideSources, which obtained the survey results through a Freedom of Information Act request, estimates the comparison involved a pool of 400 companies. Even for those of us who’ve heard horror stories from hundreds of postal employees, the USPS’s numbers were stunningly awful.

More / Source: Dead Tree Edition: Survey Says: The USPS Is a Terrible Place to Work

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