One thought on “Superseniority limitations

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Local 566 Charleaton, SC
    Office held, if any
    VP & Steward (past Pres)
    Art 17.2.E “A steward may be designated to represent more than one craft, or to act as a steward in a craft other than his/her own, whenever the Union so agrees, and notifies the employer in writing.”

    So you can represent different sections including crafts.

    Art 17.3 “while serving as a steward or chief steward, an employee may not be involuntarily transferred to another tour, to another station or branch of the particular post office or to another independent post office or installation unless there is no job for which the employee is qualified on such tour, or in such station or branch, or post office.”

    Nowhere does the contract say you lose superseniority for representing a different craft or section. Superseniority is by TOUR not section. The steward will remain on tour.

    Also, the agreement does not make different rules for being involuntarily moved temporarily (a detail) versus permanently. Allowing management to involuntarily detail a steward to another tour would be allowing management to manipulate the craft members representation.
    Superseniority is all about representation.

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