Retiree Resolution for 2024 APWU National Convention

Resolution Article 6 Section 1 (E)
APWU of California Retiree Division

Whereas the National Constitution Article 3 Section 4 permitted supervisors the right to vote. “SEC. 4. RETENTION OF MEMBERSHIP. “(a) Members who held supervisory positions and were members of the National Postal Transport Association on July 1961 may continue to retain membership with the right to vote.” and

Whereas APWU Retirees are excluded from representation similar to all other APWU members,

Be it Resolved, Article 6 Section 1 (E) be amended to state “Each chartered retiree chapter (local or state) shall be entitled to voting strength and representation in National Conventions of one (1) credentialed delegate for each twenty-five (25) members or fraction thereof.”

The above resolution was passed unanimously at the California State Retiree Convention meeting on May 20, 2023 in Sacramento, California.

2 thoughts on “Retiree Resolution for 2024 APWU National Convention

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    APWU - Philadelphia, PA Area Local
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    What a shame it would be if APWU actually valued our retirees’ contributions, huh?

    “The remarkably high participation of retirees in the NALC is due to the NALC Constitution. It gives retirees full voting* and participation rights. A NALC retiree’s dues is $7 per annum; APWU is $36. When a NALC member completes 50 years membership, they receive a Gold Membership Card which entitles him/her to all privileges of membership in the NALC without payment of dues, per capita tax, or special assessments.

    *except for any matter pertaining to ratification of a national agreement, LMOU, or proposed work stoppage.”

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Lehigh Valley Area Local
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    Here, we go…

    If you say you didn’t see this coming you’re blind.

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