USPS intends to solicitate volunteers (ETs, MPEs, MMs) for machine removal/relocation teams

This was sent to maintenance nationwide on May 17, 2023. President Dimondstein was notified a week-and-a-half ago and Maintenance Craft Director Balogun was notified over two weeks ago. (The list of mail processing equipment to be removed will be added to this post when I get it. – RZ)

Maintenance Managers:

Your assistance is needed! MTSC is looking for Volunteers to join the “Equipment Move Project Team”. The Equipment Move Project Team (including volunteers) will begin in August 2023. Project details can be found below in the “Equipment Move Volunteer Stand Up Talk” Please canvas your staff for VOLUNTEERS who would like to join the Equipment Move Team. If you have Volunteers, please have your Maintenance EAS complete the survey. The Survey Link is below; please also review the sample questions prior to filling out the survey to ensure you have all information required to complete it. IF a volunteer is selected from your site to join the Equipment Move Project Team, MTSC will notify you.

Equipment Move Volunteer Stand Up Talk:

In support of the Postmaster General’s Delivering for America Plan, the Postal Service plans to remove and/or relocate an undefined number of Mail Processing Equipment (MPE) throughout the country in fiscal year (FY) 23 and FY24. To accomplish this task, the Postal Service plans to develop teams of volunteer maintenance personnel to perform the MPE removals and/or relocations. Specifically, the Postal Service intends to solicitate volunteers from Electronic Technician (ET), Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic (MPE), and Maintenance Mechanic (MM) employees with a goal of getting individuals to participate on the MPE machine removal/relocation teams. The volunteers will be solicited first from those facilities scheduled to have a machine removed and/or relocated by the local facility. If additional volunteers are needed, solicitation will be expanded to other facilities. Maintenance craft employees who are trained on the equipment being removed and/or relocated will be considered before those employees who have not been trained; however, employees not trained on the equipment will be considered if additional volunteers are needed.

The MPE machine removal/relocation teams will consist of at least one Maintenance Technical Support Center (MTSC) Executive and Administration Schedule (EAS), MTSC National Support Technician (NST), or MTSC contractor team leader. The number of team members will vary based on local circumstances. employees selected to be part of the MPE machine removal/relocation teams may be required to travel to other sites as needed based on the removal and/or relocation schedule. It is anticipated that each MPE machine removal\relocation team will work up to three (3) weeks depending on the platforms to be removed and/or relocated. Projects lasting longer than three (3) weeks will require rotation of teams every three (3) weeks. Participation will be strictly voluntary, and selection will be based on geographical location and training . Volunteers will be required to provide their own work clothes, coveralls, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE), and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) devices.

Volunteers will be expected to work ten (10) hours a day six (6) days a week maximum and overtime will be paid in accordance with Article 8 of the National Agreement and Handbook F-15. Volunteers traveling outside their local travel are highly encouraged to apply for a government travel card.

Here’s the link to the form “Equipment Move Volunteer Survey”:


Sample Survey Questions:

  • Facility Name:
  • Region:
  • Division:
  • Maintenance Manager Name:
  • Maintenance Manager Contact Number (###-###-####):
  • VOLUNTEER Job Title:
  • VOLUNTEER Contact Number (cell # preferred (###-###-####)):
  • Is VOLUNTEER able to travel Nationwide?
  • Are there specific dates VOLUNTEER is unable to travel? If so, please provide dates/timeframes:
  • Has VOLUNTEER read the Stand-up Talk?
  • Is VOLUNTEER ONLY able to work at home site?

USPS Letter to APWU President Dimondstein – May 9, 2023

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