3 thoughts on “HR 756 will cost you more than you think!

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    APWU Oakland Ca
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    Legislative Director (Ret.)
    Has anyone seen a written proposal in how Medicare integration will be implemented? Specifically Medicare D which almost no postal retiree has due to the superiority of our FEHB plans for prescriptions. The text in the bill states there will be an EGWP established but no mention of a “wrap around” being mandatory. Without it, we will be subject to the high deductible/donut hole.
    Also, what does it mean for the Fed.Govt (USPS?) to be the sponsor?
    This is complicated stuff. We’ve seen what happens when we don’t read the bill. Not another “We didn’t think it would be hard to take out once the bill passed.”
    Who oversees the implementation of the Medicare integration sections of HR 756?

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    APWU - Las Vegas
    Didn’t we prefund Health Care for 75 years? I realize we didn’t pay everything they wanted but we did pay a great deal… so this means squat now? I think we should sue them!

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    APWU - Auburn WA Local
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    Retired President
    Medicare Part B is not a complete waste of money for retirees unless you live outside the U.S. Your federal employees health plan typically functions as a Medicare supplemental policy when you have Medicare Parts A and B. For example, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan will waive all deductibles, coinsurance and copays, except for prescription drugs and you’ll pay less for those. You can also switch to the cheaper Basic BCBS plan.

    BCBS+Medicare 2017

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